avatar for Ademidun AdelekeAdemidun Adeleke

Arguably, the finest writer in Nigerian sports history. No, he wasn't talking about his writing skills. If he were, Ademidun would refer to himself as the greatest ever.

avatar for Samuel OluwakayodeSamuel Oluwakayode

Samuel is a freelance writer who enjoys talking and writing about football. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University where he studied Electrical Engineering. He is also a software developer. He supports Arsenal and has a soft spot for Liverpool.

avatar for CrossAndNod TeamCrossAndNod Team

This team is only rivalled by the Avengers. Basically, we are the Avengers for football in Nigeria. We are a group of people with superhuman writing abilities and awesome personalities looking to bring the best sports content to your screens.

avatar for Ekun KelvinEkun Kelvin

Kelvin is an avid writer and a compulsive reader. Born in the Benin Republic to Nigerian parents, he is passionate about football and a die-hard Manchester United fan. He is an engineering student and hopes to merge his passion for football and writing to create great content.

avatar for Temidire BalogunTemidire Balogun

Temidire is a man of many interests; movies and sports being his favourites. An avid sports enthusiast but nothing comes close to football. He has used his writing skills to give his opinion on various topics that interest him. He believes sports and education are key to achieving global peace.

avatar for Favour EmoabinoFavour Emoabino

Favour is a young Nigerian writer who loves poetry, art, music, sports and photography. He is currently a student of English and Literature at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is an avid reader and occasionally writes sports, entertainment and news articles.

avatar for David AdeyemoDavid Adeyemo

David is a sports administrator with specialisations in football. NSE says he's an Engineer. But quite frankly, Ball is life, and Engineering a hobby. He also has a passion for SEO & Content Marketing.

avatar for Aduragbemi AjagbeAduragbemi Ajagbe

Aduragbemi is a sports fan with a keen interest in stats and numbers. He tries to be as unbiased as possible but doesn't tolerate Wayne Rooney and Raheem Sterling slander.

avatar for Adedotun FatokunAdedotun Fatokun

Call Adedotun the Nigerian Jurgen Klopp, Mr. Liverpool. A lover of football who believes he'd be a gaffer soon. He's also a fashion designer, hence the lovely suit. You thought he's a Pastor? Not by suit, but he's also a Minister of the Gospel of Christ too; Once Saved, Eternally Saved!

avatar for Olamide EgbeyemiOlamide Egbeyemi

Olamide is a simple man with a lot of interests; an aficionado and an enthusiast in all things movies, football, philosophy, astronomy, history and general trivia. His knowledge is only outmatched by his wits and his deadpan dry humour.

avatar for Tomilola SadareTomilola Sadare

Tomilola is a Lagos-based pharmacist who follows Football and Tennis passionately. He is a big fan of the French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga. An intense attraction to footballers with key attributes being pace and power is his bane.